Heal Your Locks

Oribe Treatments

Keeping hair moisturized during winter months is no easy feat. Freezing outdoor temperatures and indoor heating can wreak havoc on your tresses. If harsh winter weather has taken all the life and shine out of your hair, fear not: We asked the Oribe Education Team for their best (and easiest) tips for restoring luster to locks for healthy, beautiful hair this spring.

“If you’re a gym enthusiast, comb Masque for Beautiful Color into your hair before going into the sauna. The heat and steam will open up the cuticle of your hair and transform a relaxing experience for the body into a healing experience for your hair. For a soothing bedtime ritual, comb a few pumps of Gold Lust into slightly damp hair and twist locks into a high bun before going to bed. The argan oil will nourish your hair and repair winter damage while you sleep. When you wake up, shake out your hair and you’ll also have a head of beautifully tousled waves.” – Adam Livermore

“Your scalp can also suffer from dryness during the winter months. Revive and hydrate your scalp as well as your hair by applying a few pumps of Gold Lust and massaging it into the scalp before getting into the shower. Finish by rinsing with Conditioner for Beautiful Color.” – Kien Hoang

“During your next beach getaway, shampoo your hair with your favorite Oribe shampoo, then towel dry. Apply Masque for Beautiful Color and leave it on for your day at the beach. This deeply reparative mask will protect your locks from harmful UV rays and keep your hair color from fading while you relax and soak up the sun.” – Ashley Brecken

“If your hair is on the fine side, try giving yourself a hot oil treatment. Deep oil treatments were very popular when I was growing up, and they’re perfect for restoring moisture to dull locks. Heat up your Gold Lust by placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water. Run a pump or two through your ends prior to shampooing. Finish your treatment with Shampoo for Beautiful Color.” – Steven Schmidt

“Start fresh this season by cleaning up the ends of your hair with a trim. This will significantly improve the health of your hair. Masks are also a great way to restore moisture and shine to winter damaged hair…but only if you have the time! My suggestion is to pamper your hair (and yourself) by having a date with your mask twice a week. On these dates, start by shampooing and then towel dry locks the best you can. This will create a “sponge” effect and help hair soak up the masque. Apply Signature Moisture Masque and then roll your hair into a turban and relax for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing it out. Giving your mask time to soak in is what makes it effective.” – Ronnie Stam