Miami here we come!!!

We (Alyssa, Elliot, Kamala, Mikkala and Michelle) are very excited to be headed to Miami to be inspired by Oribe himself! I'm sure it's going to be an exciting, memorable, long weekend! Follow us on our Chikara Facebook page to see what we are up to in Miami! ;)


The event you’ve all been waiting for…Backstage 2013. Join us in Miami for a multi-day bash of hairstyling, makeup, photography and entertainment hosted by Oribe and the Oribe Education Team. You could call it a hair jam…we call it Backstage.

Start with THE SHOW, an evening of hair, inspiration and more than a little drama. Think of it as Broadway meets a Vegas revue with Miami’s Latin flair, as hair and glamour take center stage at the historic Jackie Gleason Theater. Let Oribe and the team transport you to La Fama, an electric presentation celebrating all that is Latin. Watch—and learn—as the team transforms model after model, achieving gorgeous, sexy hair. The night will also feature special appearances from some of the biggest names in the Miami music scene as the show culminates in an all-out party.

The next day, you’ll head to the home of Miami’s other premier event, Art Basel, and create your own masterpieces in the Miami Beach Convention Center. During our intensive HANDS-ON WORKSHOP with Oribe and the Oribe Education Team, elite stylists will learn in-depth styling techniques, gain exposure to backstage practices and craft countless looks on models, all while pushing the boundaries of their craft and their comfort zones. As if that weren’t enough, one talented stylist from the Hands-On Workshop will be selected by Oribe as THE ONE and win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a six-month mentorship with him.

It’s not all about hair, though…the weekend also feature pool parties, golf and poker tournaments and nightly celebrations with top stylists from around the world…and, for those moments when you’re not working on your tan, a chance to work on your business skills at our Idealogue: The Owners’ Exchange.

Stylists leave Backstage exhausted, exhilarated and with a curriculum of teaching guides, inspiration books and DVDs to recreate the event with their fellow hairdressers when they get home…and get ready to enter the Backstage Inspiration Challenge.