Chikara salon and spa is committed to supporting the community.It is our pleasure to support our clients in raising funds for local organizations. We offer the donation of a gift card to those that meet our criteria and are approved (no cash donations). Unfortunately because of the large number of requests, we are unable to make contributions for but not limited to the following:

Funds for individuals Projects of political nature Pageant or contest funds Religious organizations Employee/corporate incentives Scholarships Class reunions

Donation request must first meet the following criteria before being CONSIDERED:

Must be received from a current client of Chikara salon and spa. Must be from or for a nonprofit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Code (501c3). Must benefit the local community and organizations. Must be made in writing a minimum of three months prior to event. Must agree to provide program/acknowledgement/marketing material to demonstrate evidence of donation at or for the event.

If the above criteria are met, and you wish to be considered, please send your request in written form to 134 Oakway Center. We apologize but phone requests will not be considered.

Upon receipt of your request, consideration will be given and a follow up response will be provided within 30 days of your request.